Gardening can be a great way to relax and enjoy nature, but overhanging trees or hedges can often feel like a nuisance. It’s easy to think of them as an inconvenience, but they can be used to enhance your garden in multiple ways. Whether adding decorative touches or providing practical solutions, having trees or hedges that overhang your garden can be good.

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Pruning: Keeping Trees/Hedges in Check

If you have trees or hedges overhanging your garden, pruning is the perfect solution to keep them in check. Pruning is an essential aspect of tree and hedge maintenance, which involves trimming or cutting back branches and foliage to promote healthy growth and maintain a desired shape or size. When done correctly, pruning can improve your garden’s overall appearance while reducing the risk of damage caused by overgrown plants.

Alternatives to Pruning

One alternative to pruning overhanging trees or hedges is to install a physical barrier. Add a fence, trellis, or netting to prevent branches encroaching on your property. Additionally, consider planting shrubs or other landscape features along the border of your garden to create a natural barrier and provide privacy.

Another option is to use strategic lighting in your garden. By illuminating certain areas, you can draw attention away from the overhanging branches and focus on other elements of your garden design. This technique works incredibly well if you have an outdoor seating area or patio that you want to highlight.

Lastly, consider working with the natural shape of the tree or hedge rather than trying to control it through pruning. You can accentuate its unique form by adding complementary plants, such as groundcovers or flowers, at its base. This approach embraces the beauty of nature while still maintaining an orderly appearance in your garden space.

Creative Uses of Overhanging Branches

Create a Natural Canopy

Overhanging branches from trees or hedges can create a natural canopy in your garden, providing shade and shelter from the sun’s rays. You can use this to your advantage by arranging outdoor seating underneath the canopy for an al fresco dining experience or relaxing with a book. Use string lights along the branches to create a whimsical atmosphere at night.

Build an Outdoor Playhouse

If you have children, you can turn overhanging tree branches into something fun by building an outdoor playhouse. The branches provide the perfect support for creating walls and roofs that are both sturdy and natural-looking. Additionally, you can use ivy or other climbers to cover up any bare spots on the structure.

Create an Archway

An archway made of overhanging tree branches is beautiful and practical, as it provides a shaded walkway between two areas of your garden. Add some climbing plants like roses or clematis around it for added colour and scent, making it even more inviting for visitors to stroll through when exploring your garden.


Depending on how you use them, overhanging trees or hedges in your garden can be a blessing or a curse. If they are well-trimmed and maintained, they can provide shade and a natural boundary for your property. However, if left unattended, they can become an eyesore and cause damage to your property. With proper maintenance and care, overhanging trees and hedges can add value and beauty to your garden space while serving practical purposes such as shade and privacy.

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